Introducing MyOffice by PaperClip

PaperClip is the largest supplier of calculation, design output, CRM and workflow software for Microgeneration and Green Deal certified businesses in the UK.

We provide a secure cloud-based solution to manage your workflow, designs, procedures and customer relationship management at the same time keeping everything in just one place. MyOffice makes it more than easy and without the need for you to update bulky manuals or clucky web up loaders. Take our free interactive demo to access many of the key benefits we can offer your business in speeding up your paperwork and design calculations.

Providers and installers of Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Air Source Heat Pump and Biomass benefit hugely from this one place powerful solution to manage their everyday operations, if you are a one-man band or multi operation business we are sure that we can help streamline your processes. MyOffice exceeds many of the requirements within the renewable technology standards, if you are just starting out on the assessment process we can help with that too!

Forget the reams of paper based bulky manuals; we will provide you with your very own free digital quality management manual as well as our market leading software. Don’t get caught out by the overstating sales pitches or complicated systems, you get everything you need to achieve and operate your PAS 2030 and MCS 001 standards including free assistance mentoring throughout your subscription period.

Here at Paper Clip we believe in simple software, many installers for several years have trusted us with their business solution in tried and tested environment. Simplistically if you think that you wanted to drill a hole, you needed to buy a drill, but all you ever wanted was the hole! MyOffice only gives you what is absolutely necessary for you to achieve your workflow and design requirements; if you did as many audit assessments as we have over the years; you’d get to know a thing or two!

In all our worlds of paper work, it’s easy to forget that generating revenue and winning customers is the real priority, because of this we guarantee that we will save you time and your clients will be presented with professional documentation in your company branding with quotes that take less than 75 seconds to produce. It’s a no hassle way of ensuring RECC, MCS & Green Deal compliance is met without the headaches of the documentation mountain.

From our several years of development and experience of the certification schemes, our development team knows that businesses like yours want simple solutions without the heavy and complex understanding of using software. All our software is developed by ourselves, we don’t compromise on the importance on delivering a secure and trusted business partnership whatever your needs are.

Its okay if you don’t do computers, our software is made to be simple and designed with those who have technical and non-technical skills alike. Our training is free and unlimited, we don’t use premium rate telephone lines and we have regular webinars for everyone who want’s to catch up on the latest PaperClip and MCS / Green Deal PAS2030 changes.

You can if you prefer use our one two one service via our webinar, as well as using the training videos online. PaperClip also provides regular training days through out the UK; all you pay for is the food on this one-day only boot camp!

You can be assured that all your data will be safe, we back up to three separate locations every second of the day and we use higher security protocols than most major high street banks; we even own all our servers and are not depended on dilapidated hosted server house equipment to host PaperClip. We are confident of the robustness of MyOffice, we ask Trustwave . to certify our compliance and you can be assured that we operate to the highest standards of security. Remember you own your data and we don’t sell or share any information to any third party.